Trade and Investment

Theme Leader: Mr Andrew Stoler, Former Executive Director, Institute for International Trade, University of Adelaide

Long-standing trade and investment links underpin the Australia/US Alliance. With steady growth in trade since World War II, the 2005 US/Australia Free Trade Agreement reinforced the rich relationship between the Australian and American business and finance communities. Today, the US is Australia’s largest investor and the country’s leading market for service exports. At the same time, Australian and US businesses frequently work together in the context of Asia-Pacific regional trade and trade agreements, most recently the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

The Alliance 21 Trade and Investment theme seeks to provide broad analysis of the status of the Australia/US trade relationship, the opportunities and challenges in the regional context, and the future implications for the Alliance. What are the potential benefits and challenges of the TPP? How will climate change concerns and green technology affect regional trade? What has the US/Australia FTA meant for trade and investment between the two countries?

As part of the Alliance 21 Trade and Investment theme, two sessions were held in 2012 to discuss the issues associated with the theme and develop policy recommendations. The first of these was a workshop at the East-West Center in Honolulu. The second brought the authors to Sydney in November for a public conference, The Dynamics of 21st Century Trade and Investment in the Asia-Pacific: An Australia-US Perspective.

Prominent issues to emerge from the workshop and conference have included:

  • The Trans-Pacific Partnership;Reflections on the Australia–US Free Trade Agreement;
  • Winners and losers in green technologies;
  • Factors affecting competitiveness in the region; and
  • Asia-Pacific regional trade policy.

Mr Stoler's overview of the theme’s papers and policy recommendations will now go towards the final report to be submitted to the Australian and US governments in mid-2014. Read here

Authors and Papers:


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